DIY Beetlejuice Inspired Halloween Decoration!

I love Halloween a lot, but I don’t really have the space, budget or time to create anything spectacular in the way of decorating like some people do. I still like to get in the spirit though and as much fun as it is to just admire the effort other people go through, I decided this year I want to incorporate a little extra spookiness into my home for the season and what better way to start than with a DIY inspired by Beetlejuice?!

I love the sand snake in Beetlejuice and all the various other tentacle-y type creepy things that pop up around the house and was inspired to bring a little of that into my own house, in the typical Beetlejuice colours of purple and green of course!

I really enjoyed making these, they’re incredibly easy and you don’t need many supplies either. I only used wooden BBQ skewers, tin foil and polymer clay. You can use pretty much any clay instead since polymer clay can be pricey and I only used it because I already had it, you may want to paint it if you use uncoloured or a single coloured clay but I think these would look pretty cool in most colours and patterns.

To start out I broke the BBQ skewer in half since I made fairly small tentacles, then just formed tin foil around it until I had a skinny version of what I wanted that gripped the skewer well and held its shape when I bent it. I then shaped the tentacle shape I wanted and got started on the clay!

I rolled out sausages of the various colours I wanted to use and carefully flattened and rolled it around the tinfoil until it was firmly attached to the tinfoil with a smooth exterior, then I simply added more until I reached the end. For the very end of the tentacle I used a longer sausage, wrapped it around, smoothed it out and then twisted it gently to elongate, thin and shape the tip!

I then placed the tentacles onto foil and baked them in my oven at 130C for around 25 minutes. Ta-da, they’re done! I think they look pretty cool myself, I might keep them about all year rather than just for Halloween!

What do you think? Are there any other movies you’d like to see me try to create some Halloween inspired decor from? I’m hoping to get a few posts like this out before we get to the actual day!



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