4 Ways to Spice up Your Hot Chocolate!

Now that we’ve gotten to a point where most days are grey and rainy, I’ve been having hot chocolate quite a lot to help warm me up. It’s yummy, it’s hot, most of us love it, but I think most of us agree that no matter how much you enjoy it, sometimes it gets a little boring. I find it does anyway, which leads us to this post! You can do this with what ever hot chocolate powder you’d usually use in whatever way you’d normally do it!

The first way I like to spice up hot chocolate is with ginger. I love the taste of ginger and with all the health benefits that get talked about it’s probably a good thing to add to your diet now it’s getting colder! I just add a few slices of fresh ginger to my hot chocolate and let it sit for a few minutes before drinking. I usually take the slices out when I’m about halfway done so I don’t swallow it, but it tastes delicious and if you only try one of these I think it should be this one!

Next is a bit more standard, and that’s coffee! I usually add instant coffee, about a tea spoon, but I’ve always done it with half fresh coffee half hot chocolate and it’s delicious. The coffee really enhances the chocolate flavour, makes into a sort of mocha (I think?) instead of hot chocolate, and who doesn’t love that extra bit of caffeine?!

Third is probably the one I use most often and that’s cinnamon! I usually add either a teaspoon of cinnamon powder or just lob a stick of fresh cinnamon in and let it sit like I do with the ginger. Cinnamon is just that typical autumn/winter warming flavour for me and takes a standard hot chocolate to a whole new level. Plus, it’s a super easy way to make guests think you’ve made them a fancy hot chocolate no matter how simple or cheap the actual thing is!

Finally is one that people here in the UK don’t seem to use as much as other countries I’ve been to and that’s cocoa powder! Of course, it is quite an acquired taste since it’s rich and almost bitter, but that’s why I just add half a teaspoon to a teaspoon to the hot chocolate powder I usually use. It’s just adds a richness and earthiness to what would other wise just be a normal hot chocolate and I really like that, I hope anyone who tries it enjoys it too!

Now that you know how I spice up my hot chocolate I’d love to hear in the comments what you do to make the best hot chocolate possible!



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