La Boulangère Vegan Croissant and Pain Au Chocolat!

I love a good pastry, and croissant and pain au chocolat were amongst my favourites before going vegan over two years ago now so you can imagine how incredibly excited I was to see vegan versions of both in Morrisons recently!

Each come as a pack of 6 and they were £2.25 per pack when I got them, which I do see as a bit of a splurge personally but considering they’re packs of 6 and vegan I wouldn’t say they’re expensive, just a little more pricey than I would usually want to pay for anything myself.

They can be eaten cold as are out of the bag, and they are delicious like that, and the bag also recommends putting them in an oven preheated to 180C for 1-2 minutes. They are better heated than cold in my opinion, but I’d eat them again happily either way. I’ve found that the best way to do them is on my ovens grill setting for a minute or two.

If you eat them cold or warmed on the normal oven setting they are, like I’ve already said, delicious but I think they’re a bit breadier and more chewy than I remember the none vegan versions being. Putting them in on the grill setting seems to separate the layers a bit more and give them the texture I was expecting to bite into.

All in all, they’re not exactly the same as the none vegan ones, but they’re close enough to be amazing and I will definitely buy these again at some point. They’re filling enough to have one for breakfast without getting hungry before lunch and they’re great for eating on the go as well as warmed up on a plate.

Do you think you’ll be giving these a go anytime soon? I think you should!



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