The Alice Cooper Outfit!

I’m writing this on the train to see Alice Cooper and to say I’m excited is an understatement. By the time you read this tomorrow morning I will have seen Alice Cooper and Nita Strauss live!!! We’re here to talk about my outfit though, so let’s get onto that now!

From the front it’s not much, since I have to get the train home tonight I’ve gone for layers I can take off if I get hot but still be warm for the way home. The black Turtle Neck is from George at Asda but the vest I’m wearing over it (you can’t tell from the picture but it’s a purple and blue holographic fabric!) is vintage and so is the stripe/dot shirt, the black shirt I’m wearing over the top is just from primark. My shorts are also originally from Primark but I got them in a charity shop and have made them a lil special!

That’s right, I couldn’t afford Alice Cooper merch so I made my own and I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out. I feel like the pockets are a bit far apart and kind of look odd because of that, but I’m happy enough that I’m showing them off tonight!

I’ve gone with a lot of black eyeliner and shadow and a shit ton of glitter for my make up, with a Mac lipstick I got from the duty free when we went on holiday because it makes me feel fancy but I don’t care enough about make up to spend a lot of money on it usually. My hair looks how it always does because I always just plait it for the curls and I’m into it!

So there’s the Alice Cooper outfit, soon you’ll be getting a review of just how incredible him and the band are! I’m about a quarter of the way there now and the excitement is getting to new levels so I’m gonna stop writing and listen to some Alice to get hype now!



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