Dungarees + Layers for Autumn!

I got my first pair of dungarees as an adult from Primark last spring and I’ve loved styling them through the seasons so far. The last few weeks have been so rainy and cold, I’ve been really layering them up and finding new ways to wear them to stay warm and cosy, and I wanted to share what I’m up to!

I’m not claiming to be some kind of fashion icon, I have no fashion education or anything like that. I just love being able to express my self through my outfits and dress to make myself as confident and self assured as possible. I’m also not the person to read if you want to be able to buy the pieces I’m wearing. If I can, I will link to stuff or tell you where it’s from but the majority of my clothes are either vintage, second hand or a gift so I tend to have no idea where you could buy the same thing! With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get into the post!

The first outfit is the one I wear most often because it’s so warm and comfy. I love layering a long sleeved top under a t-shirt and plaid shirt and I always like to pull the sleeves longer than the shirt for a pop of colour. I got my long sleeved tie dye shirt from The Hippy Hole on Bold Street and it’s one of my absolute favourite items of clothing I own. With an outfit like this I like to cuff my dungarees a bit shorter than I usually would to sort of balance out the outfit and also show off my docs.

I also love layer cardigans under my plaid shirts, I’m pretty much a cartoon character in that I nearly always have a plaid shirt on so putting a cardigan under it helps keep me warm while I stay comfortable and stick with what I like and makes me feel most confident. With my dungarees I also love wearing t-shirts with a design where a pocket would go, like the Chris Shifflett one I’m wearing in the picture above, and only buttoning one strap to leave the top of my dungarees hanging down to show off the design!

Finally I get to show off my most recent addition to my cartoon character wardrobe: Turtlenecks. I’ve got about five different coloured turtlenecks now and I just can’t get enough. I love how cosy they are, I love the way they look, they make me feel cool and I find them a great way to add some extra colour to the outfit. I also feel like they really fit the vibe of the 80’s vintage jacket I’m wearing in the above picture.

These are the main ways I wear my dungarees, just mix and match the band shirts and colour of plaid shirt or turtleneck and you’re looking at my outfit on any given day! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know what you think of my outfits in the comments below!



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