Stop a Cold with 3 Ingredients!

Yesterday morning I was pretty productive and got a fair bit done but by 3pm I noticed a stuffy nose, and by 5 I had fully started coming down with a cold. No one likes being sick and I was not impressed, so I fell back to my home made hot lemon and ginger and I feel almost back to normal today! All you need is two or three lemons, a nub of ginger and some brown sugar!

I used a mortar and pestle to fully crush the ginger and get as much juice out as possible but you can also grate it or just slice it as finely as you can for a similar effect. The I squeezed my lemons into the ginger and scraped as much of the pulp and insides into it as possible before mixing it together.

I then put my mixture into a coffee filter and squeezed out as much liquid as possible. You’d be better off using a sieve but I managed to melt mine a while ago and haven’t gotten round to replacing it yet. Then simply pour some hot water into the cup and add brown sugar to taste, I used around half a tea spoon, and you’re ready to drink it!

I drink it as hot as I can without it burning me and I really do believe it helps. It’s basically a hot lemon you’d buy from a shop but I’m sure the fact that it’s all natural and fresh ups all the factors that help! This is my go to year after year when I feel an illness coming on, though I used to add honey rather than brown sugar back in the none vegan days.

If you’re feeling a cold coming on, give this a go!



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