DIY Practical Magic Inspired Halloween Decor!

I watched Practical Magic a few nights ago for the first time this year, it’s been one of my favourite films since I was a kid and it’s just the perfect time of year to bring it out. Watching it again made me remember how terrified I was as a kid when *spoiler?* Jimmy’s boot tips start showing through the mud. Of course if something scares the shit out of me my first though is ‘wow, imagine that as Halloween decor’, so here it is! The best part is that all you need is an old pair of shoes and a saw.

I used an old pair of my brothers steel toed shoes that couldn’t be donated, I’m definitely not advising anyone to go out and buy shoes or use shoes that are still wearable! I can’t stop you from doing that but it’s totally unnecessary and with all the issues surrounding fast fashion it’s really just not what I think people should be doing. Especially not for something like this!

So grab your old shoes, decide how far you want it to stick out and saw off the toe, then use a lighter to carefully burn any threads or material that’s sticking out and you’re done! It’s really that easy. It was especially easy with these since the steel toe cap kept my saw straight and the sole was worn enough that it didn’t offer to much resistance, all the more reason to only use otherwise unusable shoes to do this!

The final result is honestly kinda creepy. It’s so subtle and not something you expect that they’ve made me jump a couple of times even though I know they’re there! Mostly I think it’s just pretty fun and weird.



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