My Favourite Things About Autumn!

We’ve had enough wind, rain and cold now to let us know autumn is definitely here now, and though this time of year can be a bit dark and miserable I always have a few things I look forward to to brighten it up!

The first part of autumn I really love is watching the trees change colour and start to drop their leaves. The area I live and work in has a lot of trees so I get to watch them all go yellow to red to brown before all the leaves fall and I get to crunch my way through them.

I also love autumnal fashion. My general style caters a lot more to autumn and winter with its large collection of cardigans and plaid shirts so I get to layer up as much as I want this season and I’m much less likely to risk getting heat stroke. It’s also finally time to wear fluffy socks again and who doesn’t love that!

Autumn is also the perfect excuse to spend more nights in with delicious meals and good company. Whether it’s having friends over or just having at home date nights, it feels so much more cosy when the rain is bouncing off the window while the wind howls past.

I really change up the meals I make for the winter. We have so much more soup, curry and stew to help combat the cold. A good stew really does warm you up from the inside. Sometimes on especially cold mornings if I’m feeling especially motivated I’ll even bake banana bread for breakfast.

Not to mention that with the cold, I get to change up my home decor again! I have so many blankets, throw pillows and small decorations that I only pull out at this time of year and it just makes the house so comforting and cute. Plus I hate having the heating on, so having lots of blankets about is always useful!

Finally, what can I say, I’m basic. The Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is now vegan if you get it with soy milk and it’s good. Like, so good. It was the coffee related highlight of my year before going vegan, I had to skip it for a year because of its dumb ingredients but it came back last year with a vegan recipe and I’m sure it will never let me down again.

What are your favourite things about autumn?



One thought on “My Favourite Things About Autumn!

  1. I love all things autumn! The spookiness, crispness in the air, all things apple, pumpkin, and cinnamon, the fact that it gets dark earlier, the fashions…i could go on and on ğŸŽƒğŸğŸ‚


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