Sunday Self Care Suggestions!

I always think Sunday’s are a good day to incorporate a bit of extra self care to get you ready for the week. For me, a lot of self care is about making sure I put effort into my life early to make sure I need to put less effort in later.

Plan for the week ahead

That’s why I take Sunday’s to write some goals for the week, a list of things I need to do, schedule some blog posts and finish up any loose ends from work. Getting bits like this ready makes the week ahead so much easier and means it requires much less effort from me.

Get clean

Sunday’s are the days I like to really tidy up, I’ll pluck my eyebrows, have a fancy bath rather than just a shower like through the week, maybe even do a face mask or paint my nails. I like to just make sure I’ve recharged a little and taken some time to appreciate myself. A little self love can go a long way when it comes to confidence and taking care of yourself can be a great way to nurture that love.

Tidy the house

I tidy through the week obviously, but Sunday’s are the days I’ll do a full mop and hoover and wipe down and really scrub everywhere. Having a day where I go all out means that through the week when I’m getting home from work and other responsibilities and really can’t be bothered to clean or tidy, I only have to do a minimal amount for the house to be completely tidy. It saves me time and energy, both very important things.

Be lazy

When you’ve done things to prepare for the week, you can spend the rest of the day binge watching Netflix and eating crap without feeling guilty for not doing anything. Productivity allows me to have completely guilt and stress free last downtime and that definitely helps prepare me for the week ahead.

How do you practice self care?



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