3 Habits That Changed My Life

We always hear about how impactful small habits can be on our everyday lives, but once you really start to think about it every single day can be put onto a completely different path just based on two or three bad habits you have in the morning. I changed and removed a few habits from my life and have been feeling all the happier for it, so I thought it only fair to share them with you!

Waking Up Early

I used to be someone that could easily stay in bed until past noon completely by accident and it would always totally destroy my day. Changing your sleeping pattern isn’t easy enough but it is possible, and chances are you’ll feel so much better for doing it.

I get up at around 6 most mornings, sometimes a little earlier or later but usually around that time. Those few hours that are really peaceful and, at the moment, still dark are a time that I get a lot done and really boost my motivation and productivity for the day!


Journaling doesn’t have to be writing out all your thoughts and feelings in poetic paragraphs, though it can be. I use my journal as a place to just stay organised thoughts, feelings, shopping lists and all.

I find it easier,something I consistently use and find useful when it’s all just in one place rather than separate notebooks for each topic. Journaling is great because it can be exactly what you want it to be, be that separate notebooks, random bits of paper or whatever else. You can create it to fit what you find useful.

Tidy Up!

Tidying up early is one of the best habits I’ve ever picked up. I don’t even think about it anymore, I just come down stairs and immediately pick up any dishes or rubbish in the living room and do a general tidy round, about 20 minutes later I do the dishes and start the laundry and then almost all my tidying is done for the day.

Hoovering, mopping and other bits have to be done later in the day but it’s not every day so it’s not too bad. Figure out what little bits you can do to reduce what you have to do later in the day and I’m sure you’ll find keeping your space clean and in place will be easier than ever.

Do you have any habits you’re grateful to have picked up or are trying to adopt?



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