DIY Loose Incense

If you’re anything like me, you probably have some dried herbs or flowers somewhere around the house, and I’m always saying I’m going to do something with them so I’ve finally actually done that! I’ve had so much dried lavender around the house I’ve been making lots of different things with it, this is the last thing I’m making and it’s probably my favourite so far!

All you need is some dried lavender and the little metal part of a used tea light candle, recycling! I separated the stems and leaves from the flower heads, chopped up the stems and leaves, spooned them into a clean candle pot, placed the flower on top and then just pressed it all down well.

This is a great way to use up any off cuts from other lavender projects! I pressed it down well enough that everything stayed put so I could just tilt it sideways and hold a match to it. It burns really well without having to relight it and the smell is so fresh and clean, much more so than any store bought incense I’ve used.

I’m really glad I’ve finally gotten round to actually using the lavender I’ve been hoarding, and I really hope some of you try out at least one of these little incense projects. Let me know if you do!



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