What I do on Rainy Days!

We’ve been having so much rain in the UK at the moments and I’ve had a fair few off work just bored in the house, I decided it was time to find some hobbies and activities outside of Netflix binges!

I decided to go for a walk first. Layer up to stay warm, make sure your shoes are water proof and grab an umbrella and you’re good to go! Rain is definitely not an excuse to stay inside, once you’ve made sure you’ll stay warm and dry it can be so nice to go for a walk whether it’s through the extra quiet streets or through the woods walking in the rain is so much more peaceful and calming than people give it credit for.

Along with going for a walk, I like walking to a coffee shop when it’s raining and popping in for a drink. It’s so relaxing to sit in a coffee shop with the rain bucketing down outside and a hot drink in your hand. It’s also a great place to do some work or read a book, which is always extra cosy while it’s raining.

Sometimes though it’s so windy and wet and gross out that there no way I’m leaving the house if I don’t have to. I love cleaning the house on days like this. You only have to open the windows a tiny bit to get a really good airflow and it’s so satisfying to sit down in a completely clean and tidy house with a good cuppa and the rain pattering on the windows.

These are also perfect days to bake something cosy. My go to is banana bread but I’m convinced I’m going to create a perfect vegan carrot cake with cream cheese frosting sometime soon, which is absolute peak autumn comfort to me. Jam tarts are also something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

Finally I love spending a rainy day trying to learn some sort of new craft or art technique. This year I’ve been trying out a lot of weaving, and I’m still pretty terrible at it but it’s a lot of fun and I’m definitely getting better. I’m thinking I might try out crochet again soon too, I know the basics but am terrible at actually doing it and I really want to make a blanket like my mum made for me a few years ago. I’ll get there one day!

What do you do on rainy days?



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