Keeping a Relationship Fun!

We always hear about ‘the honeymoon phase’ and it’s started to kind of annoy me in a way because it meant I thought it was normal when I started to find my relationship a bit boring and we started to argue more. All relationships have their ups and downs, but keeping a relationship fun and having a good time with your partner can keep you in that ‘honeymoon phase’ long after the first few months of a relationship.

Go on Dates!

Once you’ve moved in together and are used to nights in and being around each other a lot it can be easy to stop going on properly planned dates. They’re definitely important though! Getting all dressed up ready for each other and planning to do something together is so special and it’s something that should happen through an entire relationship. It’s time that you dedicate just to each other and shows you both that the other really cares and puts effort into the relationship, plus it’s a great time to try out new places or things.

Spend Time With Friends

I’ve known so many couples that have completely separate friend groups and I find it so weird. If you like your partner the chances are you’ll like the same people and spending time with each other’s friends can be so much fun as well as being a great way to make more friends. Having mutual friends also means there are no arguments about who can come over or the people you’re spending time around.

Find an Activity Together

Having something you both like that you can do together can really help you to enjoy the time you spend together and bring you closer together. Spending time together actually doing something rather than just being together also means you’re not gonna get bored or annoyed with each other’s company. For me and Rich we like playing music together and painting together, but you can find lots of things to do with your partner depending on your interests!

Know When to Spend Time Apart

If you spend every second of every day around each other there’s inevitably going to be a time when you snap at each other and just can’t handle it any more. We all need time alone and with other people and that’s okay. Go out with friends or go shopping, whatever it is you do to relax and let your partner do their own thing and you’ll enjoy your time together all the more, but always make sure to schedule time for your partner!

I’m definitely no relationship expert, but we are very nearly six years into our relationship and still very happy!



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