Enjoying Alone Time!

I’m someone that really enjoys my time alone most of the time. Of course I have times when I’ve been alone a lot, get a bit lonely and have to phone a friend but for the most part, I like being alone. I think a lot of people struggle with it for a variety of reasons and it’s totally fine if you’re just someone who prefers company, but I thought today I’d share a bit of what I do to enjoy my alone time without getting bored or lonely for anyone that wants to utilise their alone time a bit more!

Do Work!

I find it easier to do a lot of work when I’m alone. Cleaning the house, blogging, painting, practising guitar and so much more are all easier and faster when I’m alone. They’re all things I can do when Rich, friends or family are over but I much prefer doing it when I’m the only one in the house and I’d definitely advise using your alone time to get some things marked off your to do list without being interrupted.

Take Time to Enjoy Everyday Things

This is a big one for me. When I have people around me I try to do things as quickly as possible, whether it’s cooking, shopping or just walking somewhere I always seem to rush myself while I’m around people. Taking time to prepare a meal with intention, strolling around a store and looking at everything I fancy looking looking at or walking to work and taking time to just take in my surroundings all make me feel a lot better and are things I enjoy taking my time with when it can’t annoy or disturb what anyone else is doing.


If you don’t have anything in particular you enjoy doing but have a bit of spare time you want to fill without having other people around a new hobby is just what you need. Look around to find something you’ll enjoy and just dive right in! If you’re like me and already have a few hobbies, make sure you’ve got something about to remind you you can do that while you’re bored. I keep a couple of guitars and most of my art stuff in the living room because that’s where I spend most of my time and if I can actually see a guitar or empty canvas I’m much more likely to have the motivation and actually think to do one of those things.

Binge Watch What YOU Want

If I feel like I’ve been reasonably productive by doing some of the other stuff I’ve mentioned here, I don’t feel guilty about taking a few hours in the evening to binge watch things I don’t watch too often because Rich doesn’t like it or it makes me emotional or whatever. Provided you’re binge watching something good you’ll be able to pass a few hours without getting bored or lonely, but I definitely recommend being productive beforehand to avoid any negative feelings about doing it!

Get Out the House

If you’re starting to get a bit lonely, going for a walk or for a nose around the shops can really lift you back up and let’s you be ‘alone’ while being around other people. I love going to gigs, the cinema and are galleries alone and always have a great time. Going alone means you can do what you want when you want without having to compromise for other people, I rarely mind compromising to ensure Rich or friends are having a good time too but it is nice to only have to think about what you want to do or see or go to sometimes.

Call a Friend

Alone time always comes to an end and if you’re really not enjoying being alone, there’s no shame in calling a friend! Whether you just chat on the phone or invite them over, there’s no point feeling lonely or bored when you don’t have to and alone time can last for as long as you want it to! There’s definitely no shame in not being someone that enjoys alone time and you should always do what you enjoy!

How do you enjoy time alone?



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