Remembering Summer!

I can’t believe how many rainy days we’re having lately! I don’t mind the rain too much, but I’ve had a fair few days that I’ve been walking home from work soaking wet and freezing cold just reminiscing about how great this summer was and how beautiful the weather in Turkey was!

That’s why I thought I’d take a post to just share some pictures and remember how good the sun was! It’s important to be thankful for what you have in your current position, but there’s nothing wrong with remembering how lucky you’ve been in the past.

I’d never been to a hot country before Turkey and I was expecting to hate the heat so it was a big shock to me that not only did I love it, but I loved it enough to totally miss it! I’ve never been a sun person, and I learnt that I absolutely do not tan since after two weeks in the sun I came back just as paper white as when I went, but Turkey absolutely changed the way I feel about heat and the beach.

One of the big things I was looking forward to was also getting to hear the call to prayer from the mosque. I’m definitely no expert on the Islamic religion but it was by far the religion I found most interesting to learn about in R.E in school and I loved getting to learn more about it in place where it’s one of the most common religions. I really hate the targeting that seems to be getting placed on Muslim people in the UK and I think the best way to combat that is to stay educated and understanding, so I loved the learning aspect of my holiday this summer.

I didn’t consider it before I went, but my first time in a hot country also meant seeing lots of flowers and animals I’d never seen before. Gümbet, the area we stayed in, was filled with gorgeous bright pink flowers and lots of butterflies and birds came with that. On one of the day trips we went on we saw pomegranate, lemon and lime trees growing naturally and it blew my mind a little bit to be honest.

Finally, going on a couple of boat trips felt so freeing and uplifting. When I lived in Denmark I spent a fair bit of time on and around boats, and I don’t think I fully realised how much I missed it until I got to go on a couple of boats again. They were very different types of boats than the ones I sailed on when I was younger but it definitely reawakened my love of sailing and I really enjoyed it.

What was your summer like? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!



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