Organise Your Life with a To Do List

I’ve tried diaries, bullet journals, appointment apps and anything you can find on Pinterest that’s supposed to sort your life out in a catchy number of hours or days, I can safely say none of it worked. All of it helped for a while, but putting time and energy into something that’s supposed to save me time just doesn’t work for me. Enter; the simple to do list.

I got this to do list book from Home Bargain at a reduced price because the front had been misprinted, but I just took it as an opportunity to personalise it. The great thing about to do lists though is that you totally don’t need to buy a specialised note book for it, I just like to have separate notebooks for different things. You can use any normal notebook, the notes app on your phone or anything else you use to write things down.

I have one to do list for each week and then do one each morning or night for the day ahead, splitting my weekly to do’s between the days. Doing it this way means that I went from being the person that says yes to doing things or doing to places and then not showing up because I forgot about it two seconds after saying yes to someone who immediately writes down the date, time and event to add to my to do list for that week and day. It’s made me so much more reliable and less stressed.

It’s also nice to have no pressure to make it look pretty. I’m quite an artsy person so bullet journals and diaries are things I want to make pretty and interesting to look at, but with a to do list I just scrawl down my tasks without any concern to how it looks and make sure I get them done.

To do lists are quick, easy and are the only tool I’ve found so far that really keep me organised for a prolonged amount of time. I also don’t forget to do these like I have with other forms of organisation because I always have a moment in the morning where I start thinking about what I need to do that day and it prompts me to write a list.

What do you use to keep your life organised?



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