How to Get Out of a Funk

We all have times when we’re feeling a bit low and stressed and just generally blegh, and if I’m not careful I can end up in that place for months, so I’ve come up with a fair few ways to help me get back into a better, more positive head space.

Get out of the house

Go for a walk, go window shopping, take yourself on a coffee date, do anything that will make you walk around outside for a bit and I nearly always end up feeling better. Take some time to enjoy the feel of the wind and the colour of the sky and let your self just relax a bit. There’s a reason we say it’s a ‘breath of fresh air’ when things feel better.

Stay in the house

When I’m really feeling down, I like to take a few hours to switch up something in the house and deep clean that room. It lets things feel a bit brighter and less stressful while also feeling like something has changed, even if it’s only something small. I find that my home really can affect how I feel a lot, so I make an extra effort to keep it clean and tidy.

Treat yourself!

It doesn’t have to be an amazing Doughmain doughnut, but it’s definitely a good choice, and I also mean to make an event of it. Don’t just eat something delicious, take it home and put it on a nice plate with a good cuppa (or your favourite drink), put on something you like watching and really enjoy your treat because even if you haven’t been doing so well lately, life is hard and you’ve gotten this far, you absolutely deserve to truly enjoy something you’re treating yourself to.

Spend time with people

I’m an introvert and really adore my alone time, but sometimes getting out the house to go on a date with Rich or hang out with friends really sets my head back on track. Whether it’s mindless chatter and gossip or deep talk about how we’re feeling, I always feel better after spending time with people I care about and it’s a nice reminder that people care about me too.

Take your time

This isn’t an excuse to wallow in anything, but taking a few days to feel crappy before you brighten up is sometimes just something that’s necessary. Make sure you spend your time trying to feel better still, make sure to practice self care and do anything you need to do so you don’t fall behind on life, but don’t get down on yourself if it takes a bit of time to be in a better place.

Do you have any other tips to help get out of a funk? I’d love to hear them!



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