Papa John’s New Vegan Items!

I know, I know, Papa John’s isn’t the best for a pretty large variety of reasons. Just to get it out the way, it’s important to me to support companies putting out vegan options and that is the only reason I order from them, well that and I had a voucher for a free pizza. Of course a vegan festive pizza is right down my alley and not having to pay £18.49 for it was pretty sweet.

It has a gravy base, sheese vegan cheese, festive vegetables and a cranberry drizzle and it’s pretty damn good. Rich shared it with me with it being a large and he’s usually very unimpressed by vegan cheeses and pizzas but he said he liked this! It’s not the most exciting nor festive pizza I’ve ever had, the none vegan version has turkey meatballs and it would have been nice to have some vegan stuffing balls or something similar, especially considering they’re the same price, but it was a good pizza and I did enjoy it so I wouldn’t complain.

We also ordered the vegan hotdog scrolls since they’re new and the pictures looked good. These were genuinely completely incredible. They have ketchup and mustard inside and just the right amount of hotdog that I got a piece with each bite. The dough was really fluffy with a nice crust and they were just all in all perfect. Really.

It’s really just as well the hotdog scrolls were so good because the tater tots with sheese were terrible. They had very little flavour beside the ‘I haven’t cooked these oven chips for long enough but I’m depressed enough that I’m just going to eat them’ flavour we’ve all had at some point, the outside had absolutely no crunch and they were just totally underwhelming. We didn’t even finish these. They might have been nice if they’d been crispy on the outside, but the only good thing about these was the sheese that had gone crispy at the bottom.

All in all, I think it’s really great to see more and more companies providing vegan options, especially festive vegan options since last year was the first year I found any festive vegan treats. Not everything at Papa John’s is great, I wouldn’t recommend anyone order the tater tots vegan or otherwise, and though I enjoyed the pizza you will never catch me spending almost £20 on a single large pizza with some veg on it. The hotdog scrolls were by far the highlight of the order and I can’t describe how delicious they were! One great vegan option with a couple of worse ones is better than no vegan option at all, so until Dominos bring out some vegan options I’m happy enough!

Have you tried any great new vegan options anywhere lately?



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