Style Like Your Favourite Characters!

A lot of my style inspiration comes from the characters I like in movies and shows. I’m the kind of person that really loves some characters and the majority of them have a really cool and unusual dress sense. I don’t mean that I just cosplay on the daily, though that would be cool, I more like to see it as imagining if I were going to dress this character in their kind of vibe but with the things I like and own, how would they be dressed? And then I create my outfit from there! For example, the outfit below is very ‘me’, but it was fully inspired by JD from Heathers.

Drawing inspiration also means just drawing on certain items and similarities. I’ve gotten really into altering formal pants to be more fitted at the waist and cuffed after being inspired by some 80’s/90’s Winona Ryder looks and the outfit Jodie Whittaker wears as The Doctor. Doing vintage and retro looks can also come along a lot easier if you have a character to be inspired by, the outfit below is my own take on the iconic outfit Liv Tyler wore in Empire Records.

Anytime I put together an outfit inspired by anything though, is that I keep it true to my style and what I like. I add layers that weren’t there, tuck things in, add colours to gothic characters and take inspiration from formal outfits to try to create something relaxed though perhaps confused like the outfit below inspired by Dana Scully’s never ending collection of too big suits.

My main objectives when I put together an outfit are that it’s comfortable, I’m confident in how I look and I’m not trying to be something I’m not. I’ve been the person wearing clothes I don’t like because they’re ‘in style’ or clothes that are uncomfortable because they look good and I’m just over it. I want to have fun getting dressed and wear clothes that make me happy and that should be everyone’s main objective while getting dressed.

Are there any characters that inspire or influence the way you dress?



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