Tesco’s Free From Chocolate Coins Review!

Chocolate coins where the first sign of Christmas for me when I was a kid. They were always the first thing I got in my stocking and I’ve grown up loving them. I hadn’t been able to have any the last few years since going vegan so I was pretty excited when I spotted some vegan ones in Tesco!

That excitement lasted until the exact second I opened them. Straight away I noticed the white chocolate felt greasy and the ‘milk’ chocolate splintered as I was trying to open it. The milk chocolate also had those sort of white/pale bits on the surface like you normally get on old chocolate. Bare in mind I bought and am writing this review in mid October even though it won’t go out until December, so the chocolate hadn’t been sat around at any point.

As for the taste, well, it’s bad news. The milk chocolate is sort of fine. It’s not nice or good, but if you’re really craving chocolate or really love chocolate coins it could definitely be worse. It’s the texture that throws it off. It doesn’t melt in your mouth in the slightest and as you chew it it just crumbles. It’s weird and unpleasant.

The white chocolate has a much better texture and melts in the mouth nicely, but the flavour could use some serious work. While it’s in your mouth you can’t really taste anything, there’s just a general sense of sweetness, the aftertaste though. It really sticks around and it’s taken me a good three days to put together what it tastes like. It’s a sort of marzipan flavour but kind of rotten or burnt? It’s not good at all.

So, would I recommend getting these? The milk chocolate ones, if you really want some chocolate coins and don’t care too much about quality, they’re okay. I would absolutely advise anyone to not get the white ones, they’re by far one of the worst aftertastes I’ve ever had and you don’t even get an initial flavour.

It’s nice to see more vegan options popping up when it comes to things like this, but these could really use some extra work. Especially considering how good some of Tesco’s home brand free from chocolate is.



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