Organising and Sorting all my Clothes!

Christmas is coming up and we all know how busy that gets, then we head into a fresh new year and I know for sure one thing I don’t want to drag into next year with me is the stress I feel while getting dressed. I love putting outfits together and styling things, but having lost weight and also had my style evolve over the last couple of years I was just constantly pulling on things that were way too big or not the kind of thing I wear anymore and I was really sick of it, so I threw literally every item of clothing I own onto my bed and got to going through it all.

It’s definitely one way to realise exactly how many items of clothing you own! I know it’s definitely not as much as some people own, but it’s a lot for me so I thought the best first step would be to sort it further into piles based on what item of clothing it was, pants, jumpers, t-shirts etc.

From there, things felt a bit less chaotic and I got on with trying on EVERYTHING. If it didn’t fit, didn’t look good or wasn’t something I actively like, it went in the to go pile. I didn’t have a not sure pile, if I’m not sure on something chances are I’m not going to wear it. I kept everything I was keeping organised in their organised category piles as I tried it on so when it came round to putting things away it was already half organised.

Hanging things up is so boring but doing it properly, turning things the right way out, having everything facing the same way and all that makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier and really helps keep everything tidy since I don’t have to take anything off the hangers to see exactly what it is. Having it organised in sections is probably a bit unnecessary but it makes me feel more fancy and put together so I’m sticking with it!

We all know it probably won’t stay like this for long, but it’s nice to be organised at least over Christmas and the new year when I want to be able to enjoy dressing up a bit without realising last minute that my planned outfit is two sizes too big now or I can’t find the most important part of it because it’s buried in a drawer. Eventually I want to have a more minimal wardrobe, nothing crazy small just a bit more contained, but for now me and my 103928 plaid shirts are happy just the way we are.



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