The Election

I’m sure most of you reading this woke up this morning to see a conservative majority and felt your heart drop like I did. I was planing on doing a post today, but it doesn’t feel right to just talk about clothes and make up when we now know we’re going to spend the next five years with a Tory government.

I wonder how long it’s going to take for those that voted Tory to realise they were lied to once again, just like during the original Brexit referendum. I wonder how people are going to manage the austerity and poverty these next five years are going to contain, especially the working class in the north like myself. I wonder what we’re supposed to do when democracy means endangering large percentages of the people we live around.

I’m not a politician and I’m not well educated, I don’t know what we can do from here or how I can help, but as a nation we can’t let this end here. We can’t just say ‘well, the tories won and it’s all over now’. People have stood up to governments before and won. When we see unfairness and injustice it must be fought whether it’s coming from the people around you or those in positions high above.

We need to look after one another, we need to unite and we need to stand for the things that we believe in. I believe people should have free access to health care, children should eat a free meal while they’re in school and their parents should be able to work fair hours for a living wage to be able to provide for them. Everyone deserves a place to sleep that’s warm and dry. Those who earn more money should be taxed higher to help provide these things.

A lot of us are angry and upset, we’re being told to get over the fact that we ‘lost’ and to be nice to those who voted Tory. I won’t get over it and I won’t be nice. It’s not the fact that Labour lost, it’s that a party who prey on the most vulnerable people in our country and have plans many of us will be negatively impacted by have become the party in charge. When we find out someone has voted Tory, it’s not a case of different opinions and being nice to them, it’s a case of them having voted against so many people receiving the things they do greatly need. It’s a case of them voting for a party with a totally different set of morals from my own that I find abhorrent and selfish.

So stay angry, stay upset, and use that to fuel the fire. Listen to the people in your community and help however and where ever you can. Be kind to people, offer your kindness regardless of who they are or their situation. Go to protests, use your voice, sign petitions, maybe none of it’ll work but I’d rather know I at least fucking tried rather than just sitting back and allowing things I think are wrong to happen without opposition.



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