3 Festive Vegan Treats from Asda!

I’ve been trying to collect together the various vegan options being offered for Christmas dinners from all the different supermarkets, and while doing that yesterday I came across a few bits in Asda that I wanted to share! There are so many delicious food options at this time of year and being vegan doesn’t mean we have to miss out!

These mince pies are only 89p for a pack of six and they’re lovely. Neither me or Rich have ever been big mince pie fans before but these are really sweet and full of flavour. They’re nice cold but they’re brilliant warmed up in the microwave for about 30 seconds and served with a little spray of cream!

Speaking of spray cream, I finally found a vegan one! It’s not quite the same texture I remember, and it melts into hot drinks very quickly but at least it doesn’t leave that weird greasy film like fairy creams do!

It does taste exactly how I remember spray cream tasting, and if you accidentally spray too much into your mouth it’s just as difficult to eat! All in all, it’s not the perfect spray cream but it is a vegan spray cream and that’s enough for me.

If you’re looking for a quick lunch, I’d definitely say give this sandwich a go. I did get it reduced but I’d say it’s worth the full price, it’s full of veggies and tasted delicious. With all the sage and cranberry it has a super Christmassy flavour and the cauliflower gives a really nice crunch and savoury element that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy so much.

Let me know if you’ve have any festive vegan snacks or meals that you think I should try, vegan christmas food is my favourite type of food after all!



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