A Look Back on 2019!

2019 has been a really good year for me over all. It’s had it’s rough patches and hard times but for the most part, it’s been pretty bloody good, so I wanted to take a minute to look back on it and appreciate how many brilliant experiences I had this year.

Starting all the way back in January, I got my job! Working at VideOdyssey has been amazing for me in gaining some confidence and learning new ways to deal with my anxiety. So many things I’ve done have put me out of my comfort zone in good ways and really helped me to grow as a person and learn skills that I use daily. It was the absolute best start the year could have had, I love being part of such a unique and growing business that also does good for the community we’re in and I can’t wait to see what comes in 2020!

I think February was the first month this year I went to a gig and seeing David Duchovny live was the perfect way to kick off the wave of gigs! I’ve seen Chris Shiflett, Bikini Kill and Alice Cooper this year too, as well as a handful of smaller bands and artists. Seeing live music is so much fun and seeing artists like those I’ve listed is such an inspiring and kind of meaningful experience for me, I feel so lucky to have seen musicians that I love so much this year and I really hope I get to go to more great gigs this year ahead.

With March came my Birthday, I turned 22 and it’s been a really good age for me so far! It’s one of those ages that I’ve just felt settled in, it feels good and I feel like I just match this age well. Maybe that’s me finally being an adult, I’m not sure but I’ve enjoyed 22 and for the first time in a while I don’t feel any fear about my next age!

April was surprising with it being when I got Alanhiss! I’ve always liked snakes enough, but I never really thought I’d own one. I was offered her while I was getting a tattoo and just couldn’t think of any reason I didn’t want a snake, so I said yes! She’s been a great little addition to the family and I love her way more than I expected to. She’s more work than I expected but also a much more rewarding and loving pet than I expected so the pay off is good enough for me!

May and June were quiet, I put a lot of focus into work and music and generally just took the time to organise my life more than I have before. It was this spring/early summer that I created myself a productive routine in life and nailed some adult basics. It wasn’t exciting or impressive, but it was necessary and it’s had a really positive impact that’s lasted effortlessly and I can’t imagine losing for any reason.

I needed that quiet organisation time before July because I went on my first holiday to a hot destination! Turkey was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed myself to a degree I never imagined I would. It reignited my love of travel and desire for adventure, it was something that I didn’t know I needed but really did need. It was such a reset and really gave me a boost of self assuredness in a way I can’t really explain.

August was when I jumped back into work, inspired and motivated again and really boosted what we have going on over on the Videodyssey eBay shop. It was a lot of hours in a windowless room staring at tapes, but it was definitely worth it because I’m still seeing the payoff today.

September was when I had kind of had enough of work for a bit and started really focusing on art and music again. I was still so inspired, motivated and relaxed from Turkey that i found it so easy to create things that I was really proud of and happy with in a way I haven’t really managed to do before, and especially with the weather getting colder it was the perfect time to stay in and create new art!

By the time we got round to October I was very much back in ‘real life’ and realised I needed to start taking some quiet time again rather than pushing myself to be constantly doing Videodyssey stuff or music or art or writing or reading. It all just got a bit much and I spent a fair bit of time just taking walks and getting back to nature. I love travelling and seeing new landscapes, but I don’t think anywhere will ever beat English woods for me.

November was mine and Richards 6 year anniversary and we both took plenty of time out just to be together a bit more often and go out on more dates. We have a pretty good balance of time spent together vs at work or with friends or whatever, but with the big reminder of just how long we’ve been together now it was nice to make more memories and put some extra effort into dates.

December has been a bit mad. It’s gone by so fast and been so much fun. It’s been such a cosy month filled with parties and small gatherings and meals. I’ve been to the panto and eaten my body weight in mince pies and it’s all round been the perfect festive season that I always thought everyone else was faking. I mean, Rich guessed half the presents I bought him weeks before Christmas and my brothers gift still hasn’t arrived, but things don’t have to be fully perfect to be perfect enough!

I’m feeling really good about the new year, I feel like I’ve got so much more figure out and am going into the new year on a pretty good up slope. There’s a few good things I already know might be happening in the coming months and I’m sure there’s loads more to that I’m not expecting too! Happy new year to everyone reading, no matter how this last year has been for you I hope the next one is great!



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