2020 Goals!

Last year I decided to try doing monthly goals rather than goals for the years and it definitely had its pros and cons. For me, the cons far outweighed any positives I gained from it so this year I’ve set my goals for the year again and thought I’d share them!

First up, I want to start writing more music related content. I’m in the very lucky position of having a website willing to publish my music writing, help me get press passes to gigs and all that stuff and I really need to start taking advantage of that opportunity. The goal on their part is 10 articles a month so I need to get writing!

To go along with music writing, I’m going to be releasing at least one song a month. I’m letting go of the pressure of recording it perfectly and upping my production, though they’re obviously things I’ll continue working on, and looking more at releasing music that I like regardless of how I think it might be received.

Again relating to my last goal, I’m going to start posting on YouTube again! I used to really enjoy making videos but then had a few things go tits up that made me stop having so much fun with it. I’ve figured out my camera, cleaned up my computer enough that it doesn’t crash when I open I movie and I’m ready to get going again!

For the first time in maybe a year or two, I’m really enjoying reading! I was always a voracious reader but spent a good while just struggling to find anything that held my interest. Game of Thrones has well and truly bought back my love for reading so this year I’m going to read at least 25 books. I feel like that gives me time between then to find books I’ll really enjoy and that way I won’t get bored of it again, plus the GoT books are thicc.

My trip to Turkey in 2019 was amazing and fully planned by Richards parents, so this year we both decided we want to take a step out of our comfort zones to plan our own trip to somewhere outside of the UK. We both get anxious about making mistakes when it comes to planning and we both like to show up two hours early to anything to make sure we’re not late so I imagine it’ll go smoothly enough! We’re looking at going to Amsterdam at the minute so let me know if you have any travel tips of any kind!

Finally, I’m going to be blogging much more consistently! I’ve got a real plan and scheduled posts and all sorts for this year. I’m tired of having good months followed by terrible months where I barely post, it’s lame and I’m over it! Blogging is one of the few online things I do that I still 100% really enjoy and I think I’m going to love putting more time, love and effort into it this year. I feel like I’ve carved out my own nice little space on the Internet here and I should utilise and enjoy it as much as I can!

What are your goals for this year?



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