Vegan KFC Review!

A lot of us junk food vegans have been waiting for this with a lot of excitement, and for people like my boyfriend that are trying Veganuary it’s a great way to not have to change up what you’re eating quite so much. Sure, KFC isn’t the best of companies to support if you’re vegan, but personally I’m always okay with supporting vegan products to show there’s a demand for them! With that out the way, it’s time for the review!

To start out, I was impressed and glad that there was a clearly vegan box for it. I don’t know if it’s just my anxiety or a vegan thing but I always worry that there will be a mistake when I order out, so I enjoy having the confirmation that it’s the vegan thing I’ve ordered.

The important bit though, the sandwich. The bun is a very typical KFC bun I think, but it’s nicer than McDonald’s or Burger King. I’m impressed that they’ve gone with a vegan mayo rather than just replacing it with sweet chilli or something else that just happens to be vegan like other fast food chains seem to keep doing.

The chicken is incredible. It’s a close enough texture that it’s definitely ‘chicken’ but not so much that it was too realistic or really had me fooled, which is how I like my fake meats to be personally. Of course it has the ’11 herbs and spices’ as in the original recipe but if you pull the ‘skin’ off it’s sort of chewy, which is weird but it is a coating rather than a skin and I think it’s a bit much to expect then to create a vegan chicken skin too.

It’s a bit spicier than I remember KFC typically being, but it has been about three years since I’ve had normal KFC so I could have just forgotten! This is the first faux meat burger I’ve had from a fast food chain and it’s my favourite vegan burger I’ve had from one. Everywhere else seems to just produce bean or other vegetable burgers and though it’s nice to have the option there, I much prefer fake meat if I’m going to bother with something like a burger.

I imagine I’ll probably get this again, at £3.99 for just the burger with no sides or drink it’s a bit of a treat yourself burger than something I’d get as a quick meal though. Have you tried it yet? What did you think?



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