Finding Your Own Style!

Finding your own style can be a real challenge if you focus too hard on it. I’ve always followed a few ideas to form my own style, and though maybe no everyone likes it or thinks I like good, I do! I thought since I’m pretty solid and comfortable with my style I thought I’d share a few tips to help with shopping and styling.

Use Inspiration!

Find a few people who have a style that you like, and pay attention to the general style of items they wear. My main style influences are Winona Ryder, Jodie Whittaker and Noel Fielding. Winona and Jodie have in common that they wear a lot of typically formal pieces styled down, a lot of outfits styled around one interesting item and typically mix fitted and oversized items in the same outfit. Noel wears a lot of patterns, colours and textures, usually with tight fitting bottoms, an oversized top and unique shoes.

Shop With Intent

Once you’ve figured out who’s style you like and the kind of things they wear, you can start shopping! We don’t all have money for a new wardrobe, so I’ve slowly transitioned my style with a lot of charity shop shopping, the most important thing is to shop with intent though. Know what it is you’re looking for and don’t buy anything you don’t absolutely love.

Ignore Boundaries

I feel like so many more people would be able to find the style they love and feel most comfortable with if we just dropped all boundaries when it comes to clothes. Ignore what gender they’re meant for, if you have the ‘right’ body type for something or if it’s what the people around you will find aesthetically pleasing, or just ignore everything I just said! Fashion is so much fun because you can completely do your own thing and the only thing that matters at the end of it is that you like it. It’s on your body, so fuck what anyone else says or thinks.

Styling is Everything

It doesn’t matter how cool the clothes you own are, styling is what makes or breaks an outfit. The best way I’ve found to get better at styling is to buy a few accessories you like, and spend a lot of time dressing up at home and experimenting with outfits. Tucking a T-shirt into your pants or tying a shirt at your waist rather than wearing it open can completely change an outfit, add a belt, statement socks or some jewellery and you’ll almost have a whole different outfit than you started with.

Focus on More than Clothes

Style is a lot more than just the clothes you wear. Your hair, make up and accessories can change an outfit too. Of course, your style is for you so if you don’t like doing your hair and make up and accessorising you can make that a part of your style too, but wearing a typically ‘preppy’ outfit with dark make up and my blue hair definitely gives it a different feel than it would on a girl with natural make up and hair!

Enjoy it!

Styling ‘tips’ can be a bit overwhelming and a lot to consider, but the most important thing is that you enjoy what you wear. It should be whatever you feel happiest and most confident in and no one else’s thoughts or opinions should influence that. Figuring out my own style and how I like to dress have me so much more confidence in myself, getting dressed is a part of my day that I’ve begun to really enjoy and almost look forward to and I feel like that’s how everyone should feel about the way they dress and how they look!

Who are your style inspirations?



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