Why I Stopped Wearing Daily Make Up

I started wearing make up on a regular basis around the age of 13, and by 15 I wore make up daily. It was nothing dramatic since I was still in school, but it was a full face everyday! Once I left school, went to college and dropped out of college, I wasn’t in a place mentally to bother doing make up, so a bare face became representation that I wasn’t doing well and wasn’t ‘put together’.

What bullshit! After starting at Videodyssey around this time last year I got back into wearing make up everyday, because I was going to work and that’s what you do, right? I didn’t want the people that I work with seeing me without make up in case I looked tired or my face looked fat without contour or my cheeks were too red.

It was over last year that I also began to really understand and get into not only self love but also some pretty intense feminism. Overnight, I decided I was done wearing make up unless it was what I was in the mood for or it was for an event where I knew I’d feel more comfortable wearing make up, like gigs or meals out.

I had people tell me I looked tired, or ask if I was ill, but overtime people got used to how I look without make up and I also started to look better while not wearing make up. My skin got better, there stopped being a difference in my confidence while wearing make up vs not wearing any, and I have so much more time to waste everyday.

One of the main things that helped me stay confident without make up is the thought that if I look ugly, that’s fine. I’m allowed to look ugly, because I’m allowing it. There’s so much pressure on women to look good and put together, and if you’re a woman that’s into that I think you’re fab, but I’m just not that type of woman. I like giving myself that allowance to just look how I look, most men get that everyday of their lives without giving it any thought!

I don’t exist to look nice or pleasing to anyone. Nothing requires me to look any specific way and my face is fine as it is. Sometimes I know I look bad, I haven’t slept well and I’ve got a zit on full show or whatever and I keep in mind that most men don’t put make up on ever. They don’t feel any pressure to cover up spots or change the shape of their faces and rather than complaining about it I may as well just follow their lead and not care.

I didn’t ‘find the confidence’ to stop wearing make up, I stopped wearing make up and gained confidence from doing so. It can be empowering and liberating to stop trying to care about make up when I just for the most part don’t. I love trying new things with make up, doing unique looks and otherwise having fun with it, but day to day neutrals just to be wiped off in the evening without even taking a million selfies is just pointless for me and my life.

I don’t want to tell other women (or men, or anyone else!) to stop wearing make up, but I would ask anyone who does wear make up daily, why? If it’s for any reason other than you enjoy it and it makes you feel good, maybe have a think about not wearing it quite everyday. Cut down how much you wear it or switch to lighter coverage products.

Make up really should always be something that makes us feel good, if it doesn’t it can just go! I put make up on everyday for years and it only ever made me feel worse about myself, now when I do a full face I enjoy it. I use any colours that catch my attention and marvel at the finished look. Whatever you do and whatever you do, make sure it’s for you and no one else!

And that’s why I stopped wearing daily make up!



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