The Possible New Addition!

If you follow me over on Instagram you’ll probably know that on December 29th a cat showed up in my yard. We all know I can’t resist petting any animal that comes with in touching distance of me, so I have her some love and then ignored her. I didn’t feed her or anything because I really don’t want to steal someone’s cat!

We went away with Richards parents for new year, just for a couple of days, and I thought the cat would have gone back to its home by the time we came back. She was still there though, meowing and obviously hungry.

I felt terrible for the cat and as the days passed without it leaving, I ended up feeding it and making it a little next in a box to help it keep dry and warm. We’ve checked lost cat pages in the area as well as poster in nearby shops, knocked on a couple of newer neighbours in case they moved in with the cat and it’s gotten lost and finally I took it to the vet for them to scan for her chip.

She isn’t chipped, she didn’t match any of the missing cats they’ve had reported to them and the final step is putting paper collars on her so that if she does have a home they’ll notice it and be able to call me and let me know.

At this point I’m not sure if I’m more rooting for her to have a home or not. If she does I of course want to return her to her owners. I’ve had cats go missing myself and it’s horrible. We have been bringing her inside when it rains though and she seems to get on okay with Allie and Jodie, and she’s such a sweet little lap cat. I’d be so okay with bringing her in to be part of the family if we just knew for sure she doesn’t belong anywhere else!

So there’s our possible new addition! We’re trying not to get too attached since we don’t know if we’ll get to keep her or not so she doesn’t have a name, but Arya has been mentioned and definitely suits her well!

If you know of anything I haven’t tried that could help us find her owner please do let me know in a comment!



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