The Worst Parts of Brightly Coloured hair!

I love having brightly coloured hair, it’s fun and I think it looks cute as hell. It’ll definitely be sticking around for a fair while yet, but not everything about it is amazing or easy. That’s why I wanted to share this post, if you’re thinking of colouring your hair they’re things to watch out for, and if you already have coloured hair you can complain with me!

People think it’s okay to touch me.

This is by far the worst part of brightly coloured hair for me. I’d say solidly once a week I have some random stranger just touch my hair out of nowhere, usually giving me a compliment along with it as though that makes up for just petting me out of the blue. It’s rude, it makes me uncomfortable and it’s just unnecessary.

It stains

Anything pale coloured that your hair is on for a long time or while at all slightly damp? That thing is now the same colour as your hair! My pillowcases, towels, t-shirts, all of its blue. Luckily I use semi permanent dye so it usually washes out, but my white towels will never look like they once did.

The Stares

It’s usually old people or kids that just gawk at me. I don’t mind with kids, I know I stared at anything that was a fun colour as a kid. Old people should know better though, and they always seem to look judgey or angry. It’s literally just a bit of hair dye, it shouldn’t affect how people perceive me without having even spoken to me to that degree.

It eats money

I let my hair fade out until it’s pretty much completely gone to help cut down on costs because I just can’t afford to redye as often as I need to. Length and thickness of hair of course changes things, but when it comes around to the time to bleach and dye, I spend easily £30 to ensure I’ve got enough. Even then, I nearly always use every last drop of dye.


I know this was already a point, but I need to stress just exactly to what degree it stains. Every time I shower I immediately have to scrub down the batch and anywhere else my wet hair has dripped, or it stains my bath blue. I learnt that in someone else’s bath and I still feel terrible about it. I’ve got stains on my couch, on the tiles in my bathroom, on carpets, anywhere you can think of there’s some kind of blue stain from either the dye I use or my hair.

With all that said, I won’t be going natural anytime soon. I’m sure eventually I’ll get bored of dying and bleaching and the whole process, but today is not that day!



3 thoughts on “The Worst Parts of Brightly Coloured hair!

  1. I dyed my hair from the day I left school onwards. At around 15, 16 me and a friend would use gentian violet and have the most amazing purple punk hair. We used to buy from chemist and put on neat, it was like water so very slippery and very stainy! Had to bleach first of course. I just looked it up, people still use it but mix with conditioner to apply which I never thought of. It was cheap but only purple. In my twenties for years I had red Directions hair. Pillar box red I think. Then later Flamingo pink. After doing that for years going natural ish felt super radical!


    1. That must have looked so cool! I’d hate to try applying something of that consistency though, even mixed with conditioner it must be a nightmare. I’ve been thinking I want to switch from blue lately, you might have just inspired me to go purple!!

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