Vegan Products of the Month!

With Veganuary taking off, and boosting the amount of vegans about, of course just about every place that sells food bought out a vegan option. Obviously as a vegan, I had to have a taste of everything I could get my hands on, so here are the best new vegan products I tried this month!

Fast Food

Pizza huts new ‘pepperoni’ pizza is first up because it’s fantastic. Along with their vegan chicken nuggets and mini corn on the cob, it’s so nice to finally be able to get a proper meal from a pizza place as a vegan. The nuggets are a bit dry, but the corn and pizza are both delicious. I wouldn’t say it tastes the same as their normal pizzas, but it’s definitely just as good.

I did a whole vegan KFC review here so I won’t go too in depth here, but it’s bloody good. I know there are vegans that take issue with KFC as an entire business, and I understand why, but for people like my boyfriend who have just made the switch to vegan it’s more encouraging and easier to transition when they can still eat what they’re used to, so I really think any vegan option anywhere is a good thing.

I’m not gonna lie, I think the meatless marinara from Subway is pretty bland, but I thought the meat one was bland too so I guess they’ve nailed it. I prefer the patty thing they do, but it’s nice to have more than one option from a high street chain, and they’ve finally got vegan cheese too!

We all know Greggs are basically leading the market. The sausage roll, the steak bake and the doughnuts are all amazingly delicious, brilliant for on the go and much more reasonably priced than a lot of vegan alternative.


I shopped at M&S for the first time in my entire life to get these bits, and though I hated it a fair bit I’d do it again. These are incredible, the chicken flavour and texture is close enough for meat eaters to enjoy but not so much that I couldn’t be sure it was vegan, the buttery inside is super full of flavour and it’s just a fantastic addition to the meat alternatives on the market. They’re well priced for M&S too, I can’t remember the price right now but I think they were around £3.

These were what I was really waiting for though. I loved mozzarella sticks before going vegan so I was buzzing to try these and I mean, they’re good. A little bland, you have to cook them for longer than they say the get them to be, well, not floppy, and then because you’ve cooked them for longer they sort of crack open, but all in all I’d get them again and it’s the first time I’ve seen veganised cheese products like this.


Aldi’s vegan range has absolutely blown up and the majority of it is delicious. This pizza is fantastic. Perfect crispy base, good amount of cheese and the jackfruit is so meaty and flavourful it’s mad. I think it’s only £1.50 too, considering I’ve paid as much as £4 for bad vegan frozen pizza I’d say that’s pretty bloody good value.

I’m a big lover of sausage rolls, especially ones with ‘realistic’ meat, so I was a little hesitant about these. I needn’t have been though, they’re not the meatiest things ever, for obvious reasons, but the texture isn’t too far away and they taste really sweet and savoury at he same time with the BBQ really hitting the mark.

I haven’t got too much to say about these because they really are exactly what you’d expect from a good pasty. Good amount of nice filling, good pasty, lovely to eat fresh out the oven to burn your tongue off and carry on trying to eat anyway.

I tried the vegan magnums when they first came out, and they’re delicious but pricey. These taste literally exactly the same in every way, and they’re only £1.50 so you can see where I’m going here. They’re perfect and I’m so glad more places are bringing out affordable vegan ice cream, it’s one of those things I didn’t realise I missed until I could have it again!

They’re the vegan products I tried out this month, if you think I’ve missed something I need to try please let me know! Amazing vegan foods are appearing so quickly now it’s hard to keep up!



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