Getting into Exercise!

I’m never going to be a ‘gym bunny’ or anything so dramatic, but I have been enjoying a mixture of going to the gym and swimming! I always hated exercise, in school it was just the time all the other kids laughed at me while the teacher was too far away to hear, so by the time I was an adult I was way over it.

Just before New Year though my mum decided, like many others, it was time for her to start the gym. She also decided I had to go with her for moral support, since I used to go to the gym regularly. I hadn’t hated it then, but I hadn’t loved it either.

I think the main reason I’m enjoying exercise so much at the minute is because I’m keeping it diverse. Sometimes it’s the gym, other times its swimming, or aqua fit, or yoga at home. I’m not getting bored with any of it, and now that I’m getting to know other people around the gym and rest of the building it’s lovely seeing some friendly faces, and being one of ‘the regulars’.

It’s also so motivating to stick with it for long enough to see a difference. I can already lift slightly heavier weights, cycle for a bit longer, and swim a bit better. Seeing all the work pay off in your fitness improving makes you really want to stick to it.

The gym I went to prior was a 24 hour gym with no induction and I quit after I think two months. The one I’m going to now has a lot less equipment, but have staff around to help out with how to use machines, maintaining proper form and all that. There are a few machines I miss, but having such knowledgable staff who are also super friendly more than makes up for it.

I’m telling you this because before attending this gym, I thought I just didn’t like the gym. I was so wrong, I was just attending the wrong gym! When you’re on your way to work out in what you know is a friendly, diverse and welcoming environment it’s a lot less daunting or boring than going to a gym with no staff and no one even looking at each other.

The most important thing when getting into exercise though, is taking it at your own pace and not comparing yourself to anyone else. I go and get into my own little world and just do my best, if the girl on the treadmill next to me is going double as fast for double as long, good for her! I’ll carry on at my pace and do my thing and we’re all happy! Comparing yourself to others is just welcoming negativity into your life, and preventing you from actually focusing on yourself like you should.

That’s my experience with getting into exercise, I’d love to hear about your own experience! Yoga is the next think I want to get properly into I think, but I so often find it boring!



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