The Official New Addition!

You’ll probably remember this post from a little while ago, about a cat that had shown up in our yard. It’s been a full month now. We’ve done everything we can to find out if she already had an owner, and we’ve come up with nothing, so it’s come to the time that we accept her into the family!

She’s ended up being called Bobble, after trying many different names, me asking Rich where a bobble is was the thing she came running for. It’s a bit of a silly name, but it definitely suits her.

Now that she’s living inside with us, we’ve found out she likes snuggling under the covers in bed, screaming for treats any time I get a packet of anything out of a kitchen cupboard and playing with toys she had no interest in until Allie or Jodie started playing with it.

She gets into every nook and cranny of the house, appears right in front of you at lightening speed and doesn’t do anything to keep herself up if she starts falling off you, but she’s part of the family now and we’re smitten.

She’s just the sweetest, and it’s nice feeling like she found us and chose to live with us. Every now and again she goes to the back door and wants to go out, and every time I’m convinced she’s not going to come back, but so far half an hour later her face pops up at the kitchen window demanding to be let back in.

All we need to do now is get her a collar!



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