Vegan Wok & Go Review!

I was always a big fan of Wok & Go and similar places before going vegan, but hadn’t had it since! I noticed recently they had added vegan options, and are now delivering on Uber Eats, so I had to try it!

I got a small vegan sweet n sour box, and I was not disappointed. It was just as delicious, and greasy, as the none vegan versions I used to enjoy. It could have really benefitted from some faux meat for me, but there were enough veggies buried under the noodles that I didn’t feel too much like I was missing out! For a ‘small’ box it was really big, I ended up saving about a third for the next day!

Rich got a regular vegan Thai curry box, and was nice enough to let me try some. It was spicy, but not so much I couldn’t have eaten in. The faux chicken pieces were delicious, not so close to chicken that I would have been fooled, but enough that it was a good alternative.

We also had to get some vegan dumplings and spring rolls! There’s not much to say about these, they were exactly what you’d expect and really yummy! Nice and crispy, the filling was delicious and I’d happily order this entire order again, if I could afford it on the regular.

With so many new vegan options popping up everywhere, it’s hard to keep up! Let me know about any new vegan treats in the comments so I can give them a go too!



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