Thrift Haul!

We all know I’m a huge charity shop shopper. Getting unique items for low prices, or even branded items at less than a quarter their original price, is just what I like. My wallet likes it a lot more than when I used to shop at New Look and Forever 21 too. Having recently managed to buy a mad amount of awesome clothes for next to no money, of course I need to share a few pieces I picked up with you!

First up this Ted Baker shirt, in the most beautiful colour I’ve ever seen, was only £1.95. It’s a lovely brushed fabric too, I’d hate to think how much this cost new! The police T-shirt was £1, it’s not something I might usually wear but I’m feeling the sort of vintage Americana vibe it has, and I though that for £1, even if I just wear it for pyjamas or to the gym it doesn’t really matter.

Possibly my favourite purchases, these pants have a tiny houndstooth pattern and I’ve been looking for a pair for ages. I found some I love in Tesco, but don’t have the budget to drop £14 on one pair of pants, so paying £2 for these suited me just fine. The shirt is originally from Forever 21 and I’m sure I looked at this on the website at some point when I had no money. For £2 I snapped it up, I love wearing bright bold colours like these and I’m sure it’s going to be a regular feature in my outfits from now on.

I always hated coats, you put a load of effort into an outfit just to cover it up with some huge, ugly winter coat?! Turns out I just needed some nicer coats. The brown one is originally from New Look, and it only cost me 50p! Unbelievably cheap for such a big, warm coat. The blue one is more of a spring/summer jacket, but I loved the paisley on the sleeves and collar so I thought £2.50 was reasonable enough.

This dress would have been so far out of my comfort zone not that long ago, but as soon as I tried it on I knew I needed it. It touches all the right places in all the right ways, has some major 60’s/70’s vibes, and it was another item out of the 50p basket! It’s from Primark originally, but you wouldn’t think it from the quality.

Finally, I couldn’t decide which pants to put with this shirt so I went with both. I think the pink ones were the most expensive thing I bought at a whole £3. The colour just drew me in and once I’d tried them on I couldn’t not buy them. The black and white ones are originally from F&F at Tesco. They’re a really nice, thick scuba material and a lovely fit, plus only £1.50!

The shirt is one of my all time favourite purchases. The label says it’s silk and from Thailand, it’s definitely not a piece I’ve seen before and I can’t wait to style some outfits around it!

So there are some of my recent purchases! I’m really looking forward to styling some outfits and posting some look books, be sure to stick around for them!



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