Keeping Skincare Simple!

I’ve always struggled to get into a routine with skincare. As soon as I do, I run out of a product and forget to buy it again, or I have a busy few days and just fall out of the routine again. Having a multi-step, repetitive skin care routine just doesn’t work for me, so I’ve figure out how to keep it simple and make it work for me.

The only part of my skincare that’s actually a routine is washing my face. Right now I’m using a tea tree facial scrub, but I change it up pretty much whenever I run out. I think I’m lucky with my skin in that I can just change what I’m doing and using without my skin reacting in anyway.

Since I usually go swimming or to the gym of a morning, I don’t usually bother moisturising first thing and just do it when I get back. Right now I’m switching between the Simple kind to skin facial moisturiser and a cucumber one from boots you can see in the picture. I especially like using the cucumber one out of the sauna, it’s so light and cooling, and smells amazing too.

Outside of that my skincare starts falling into self care. I try to make time once a week for a face mask, sometimes it’s once every other week, but we can always strive for better! Charcoal pore strips are also part of my self care and skincare routine, I can get a lot of blackheads on my nose and chin if I don’t make sure I’m preventing and getting rid of them, and these just make that easy.

I suppose the sauna and steam room at the gym are also big helps for my skin, but I use them more so as time to relax and clear my head after a work out. I guess it’s the best of both worlds!

I know lots of people have issues with their skin that mean a full and vigorous skin care routine is needed, but for me, my skin is best when I keep it simple and relaxed! I’m sure other things like how much water I drink, not wearing make up and barely seeing the sun also help my skin, but o thought I’d just share the intentional bits!

What does your skincare routine look like?



One thought on “Keeping Skincare Simple!

  1. Water only, then Oil of Olay sensitive beauty fluid, if my skin feels dry I may do it again later too. I love nosepore strips too but often forget all about them! Thanks for reminder! I also sometimes do a DIY facial scrub just using salt and a little warm water. I also, naturally, not for my skin as such, drink a lot of water, don’t really wear makeup and sleep a lot!


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