Alpro Caffè Vegan Cold Coffee Review

I love coffee. Not as much as I used to, because Dave Grohl going to hospital with coffee induced chest pain scared me, but I still love a good coffee. It’s not something I’ve been able to find on the go since going vegan though, until now!

These were the only two flavours in Lidl, so I’m guessing they’re probably the only flavours. At 99p each they’re a standard price for this type of product, no vegan tax here! Parts of the packaging are recyclable, and there’s no straw like the dairy based ones I used to drink. I never fully understood why they had straws and not normal coffee lids like these, but I definitely prefer this packaging.

Give em a shake, open them and slip the lid back on and you have a delicious cold coffee. They’re quite sweet, not overly so but definitely a touch sweeter than I’d find ideal. The coffee flavour comes through well, much richer than in the dairy ones I had, and it tastes like actual coffee rather than sweet milk.

Having nut milk rather than dairy milk gives the slightest nutty taste, but not too much and if you drink plant based milks regularly you’ll be used to the flavour. It also means it’s a lighter drink than the dairy equivalents, no milk coma to contend with!

They’re yummy, caffeinated and 99p each, how could you go wrong with them?



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