I’m Angry Now I’m Not Fat

Society and diet culture push that once a fat person loses weight, we suddenly become happier. We’re praised and applauded for no longer being fat, we’re confident and totally the happiest we’ve ever been!

And I am happier now that I’ve lose weight. I am more confident being the ‘average’ size expected of society, and it’s absolutely nothing to do with my own feelings about my weight or outward appearance.

At a size 24, I loved trying new fashion and was practicing self love with a healthy mix of body positivity, and I’m the exact same now, but I am happier. Because now that my weight has dropped, people treat me like a whole new person.

All of a sudden, wearing the clothes I like isn’t ‘brave’ or ‘bold’ it’s ‘beautiful!’ and I’m ‘looking good’. I don’t have people shouting abuse at me from cars in the street, people giving me stink eye at the gym or strangers asking me if I should really be eating at McDonalds. And I’m angry.

I’m angry that I had to lose weight just to be treated like a person, just to have the things I already did as a fat person be validated by wider society. Of course fat people are happier when we’re no longer fat, who wouldn’t be happier once society accepts you and offers congratulations just for being who you always were?

Body positivity and fat acceptance are spreading online, but I’m yet to see it in real life. I’m yet to see anyone be fat, confident and happy without people tearing them down, invalidating their skills and applying ‘fat person’ stereotypes to them without bothering to get to know them.

Fat people aren’t allowed to be confident and happy like average sized and skinny people are. I’m angry that I spent 20 years of my life as an overweight person never feeling validated or ‘good enough’, only to change my outwards appearance and finally have people empowering me and raising me up in the way they should have been anyway.

Things need to change, and it shouldn’t be anyone’s weight.



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