Richmond’s Vegan Sausages Review!

I’d heard SO many good things about the Richmond vegan sausages, which is probably why it was only recently I managed to get my hands on some. They were constantly sold out in my local Tesco, and now I know why!

First thing is, they both look and smell like real sausages. It’s kind of gross, I had to check the pack to make sure I hadn’t somehow picked up meat sausages, and I hadn’t, but boy are they exactly how I remember real sausages being. I hate sausages cooked in the oven, so of course I threw these into a frying pan and got going!

The skin is thinner than on real sausages, which I appreciate. It freaks me out a bit when vegan meats are too realistic, so I like when there are little tells that it really is vegan. I cooked them for around 10 mins on a medium high heat, as recommended by the packet, and I have to say it was pretty weird watching them go from pink to brown like meat!

I cut them open and put them into some brunch wraps for me and Rich, which were devoured in record time. It’s all in the seasoning with most meat, and these taste exactly how I remember meat sausages tasting. The texture is a little softer than I remember, but Rich and I agreed that they’re just as good as the meat versions we used to eat. They’re delicious, and don’t have that ‘veggie sausage’ taste I’ve gotten super used to.

Have you tried these? What’s your favourite vegan ‘meat’ item?



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