3 Ways To Style Bright Clothes!

I’m a big fan of colour, and if I see a really bright piece of clothing while I’m shopping, chances are I’m going to buy it. Bright colours can be difficult to style though, so I wanted to put together a post with the three ways I tend to style bright pieces!

Colour Pop

Red is a colour I especially find difficult to style, I don’t think it suits me particularly well. Choosing to keep it as a pop of colour in an otherwise muted outfit it my favourite way to go. I got the white belt pictured above recently and I feel like that almost absorbs some of the colour, the red definitely isn’t as bright as it seems with a black belt!

All The Colour

When I really can’t find anything that matches or suits a certain piece I want to wear, because of the colour of it, I just go with a few colours to make it a bright outfit all over rather than bright due to one item. I tend to keep it to three or four colours, in the picture above you can see I’ve stuck with green, pink and yellow, with black and white houndstooth pants to keep the fun from the colour without adding any more actual colours.


Its no secret that I love layering in outfits, so of course it’s no different just because an outfit is already brightly coloured. If I’m already making a bright choice, why not add another one under or over it? I do try to keep it to similar colours so it doesn’t look too mad, but the fact that that’s easier to do with pieces containing maaaaany colours means they can end up a bit mad anyway. If at least one person doesn’t need sunglasses to look at your outfit, why are you wearing it?!

There you have it, that’s how I style the bright pieces I buy without thinking! What’s your favourite way to style bright pieces like these?



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