A Life Update!

Nothing particularly huge has happened recently, so this isn’t the most exciting update in the world, but I haven’t done one for a while so now seemed like the time!

The first update is more about Rich than me, because he’s gotten a promotion at work! He’s still in the training time for it at the minute, but once he’s through that his pay will go up and things will be pretty nice for us. We’re not gonna be rich any time soon, but it means we’ll be able to start saving towards things and just live with a bit less fear.

Coming back to talk about me though, I’ve kinda gotten a promotion of my own! I’m getting a few new responsibilities in work which is both terrifying and super exciting. Terrifying because it means there’s stuff I have to get done now and times that I need to be there, so I’ve lost a little freedom, but it’s super exciting because it shows that my boss has seen how hard I work trying to make our little video shop into the coolest place it can be, and it also means he’s seen how much more confidence I have when it comes to promoting us and talking to customers too.

Talking to people in work has always been the biggest challenge for me. I know all about what we do and offer, but actually getting the words out used to just seem impossible. It’s still difficult, I’m not about to be the main front of house person or anything, but I can at least help out on the bar and chat to customers about what we have coming up now.

It might be a bit early to bring up, and some people may not think this belongs in a life update post, but I need to tell you. I GOT AN ALANIS MORISETTE TICKET!!! It’s not until October but I am beyond pumped. Alanis is such a huge inspiration to me for how honestly herself she is, and her music has bought me everything from comfort to anger, so thinking about seeing her live right in front of me fills my stomach with the best kinds of butterflies.

Speaking of music, I’ve finally started honing in on my new year resolution to be writing more music related content! Over on purplerevolver.com across the last few months I’ve written about the Foo’s, and Bikini Kill, and I’ve even done an EP review and interview with New York based musician Lexxi Raine, who I’ve absolutely fallen in love with and heavily recommend you checking out!

So that’s it from me for this life update, how’s your life going?



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