Found Footage Festival: My New Obsession

We have a lot of really cool events in work, there’s no denying that, but we recently had the Found Footage Festival stop off at us on their final UK tour date, and it was possibly my favourite event we’ve ever had.

Joe and Nick have spent about 16 years now exploring thrift stores (and the occasional dumpster) across America finding the weirdest home movies possible, and they take the show on the road for us all to enjoy.

The show is broken into categories, with a few different clips being shown for each one, all of them being absolutely hilarious. Between categories Joe and Nick give hints about what you’re about to see, only making you all the more excited for whatever oddity they’ve managed to find.

Spit paintings, bonion sergery, the bunny song, and porn, all play a part to leave you in side splitting laughter like you’ve never experienced before. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed this much in public before, these guys and the whole show just play perfectly into the type of humour I have.

I mean, VHS tapes, weird stuff and the odd but of dark humour is pretty much the perfect description of me as a human, so of course I was going to love this show. My boss interviewed them in the video shop after the show and they very briefly mentioned a Steve Vai tape, but said no more about it, leaving me with a deep curiosity that will likely never be cured.

Of course, I saw them on the last date of their tour, so I have no idea when you might get the chance to see them live wherever you are, but they have their website, and from there you can find their YouTube channel, merch store and all that relevant stuff.

I highly recommend checking them out, they’re hilarious guys that have dedicated a huge amount of their time to finding these hilarious, fucked up videos for us to watch and laugh at, it’d be plain rude to not at least have a look at what they’re doing!



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