My Favourite Youtube Channels!

I’ve been watching youtube for a long time now, I’m part of the generation that spent my ‘tween’ years watching Shane Dawson, Charlieissocoollike, and Danisnotonfire. Needless to say, my taste has progressed a bit, but I do find it quite difficult to find new youtubers, especially smaller ones that make the type of content I enjoy. I thought if I share some of my favourites, not only might I help someone else find some awesome creators, but some of you might leave me some recommendations!


Anja makes a good mixture of different types of videos. I especially enjoy the way she creates her vlogs, her art videos, and the fashion related videos she makes. She’s the sort of ‘typical quirky girl’ thats big on youtube at the minute, but she comes across as being genuine, and I feel like you can really tell she puts love, and effort, into her content.


BlueprintDIY was one of those channels I stumbled across, and immediately wanted to know how I’d never found her before. She DIY’s a lot of clothes, as you can tell from the name, but the thing that puts her apart from other clothing upcycle you tubers is that the clothing she creates is incredibly unique and just plain cool as hell. She’s so creative, and although I haven’t tried any yet, her videos seem like they’d be really east to follow with how well she explains and shows everything she’s doing.


I’ll be the first to admit that ClydeCreates probably isn’t for everyone, but I think thats part of why I love his content so much. Many of his videos are sort of a mess, but in the best kind of way where it just feels really honest, and genuine, and like he just really actually enjoys making videos in the same way as the youtubers I watched when youtube was still kinda new. When he puts true effort into making a video though, he really creates something special. His content is kind of wholesome in a tattoo-yourself-and-smoke-some-weed way, he’s entirely unique and he’s making some of the most original content currently on youtube.

Fairbairn Films

Theres not too much to say about these guys honestly, they’re a couple of Australian brothers that make short comedy films of low production value, which somehow ends up being fantastically funny, original and creative. They’re just out there doing their own thing, and its bloody brilliant.

Girl Outdoors

This is a very different channel than most that I watch. Becky vlogs what she gets up to hiking, wild camping, and generally just getting out into nature. I’ll be honest that I don’t watch every video she puts out, but when I’m in the right mood I find her content so relaxing and interesting. Sometimes its really nice just watching someone do something they’re passionate about, and enjoy, even though its really not something I’d find fun in the slightest. She gets some really beautiful nature shots that are beautiful to see, and its great seeing a young woman just getting out there and doing what she wants to do without fear or hesitation.

Kiera Rose

I’ve been watching Kiera Rose for a really long time, and she’s the only ‘lifestyle’ youtuber I still watch. When I first started watching her, her channel was largely focused around tattoos, having bright hair, and mental health, her channel now focuses more on lifestyle, her pregnancy and veganism. It’s really nice to have watched someone grow and mature, and to a degree have done the same myself alongside her. She’s always been a very honest and open youtuber, she may not tell her audience everything about her life, but if theres something she doesnt want to talk about she just says so rather than trying to hide anything. Having watched her for so long, I’m even enjoying her pregnancy related content, and I think she’s doing a great job of including that without excluding her followers that don’t really care. She has a gorgeous aesthetic, great style and I especially enjoy her thrift/charity shop hauls.

Micarah Tewers

I love Micarah because she forced me to reconsider how I look at other girls. She makes fashion videos, with occasional vlogs, and it took me a long time to even bother watching her because she’s a glam sort of girly-girl, and because I’m not I assumed I wouldn’t like her content. Boy was I wrong. She’s the perfect Elle Woods that we need in the world. Cute as hell, with a high pitched voice and more brains than most people currently in charge of countries? Sign me up! Add to that her incredible creativity, mad editing skills and impeccable fashion sense and you can’t go wrong.


Shmoxd is another DIY channel, but another with its own original style of DIY’s. This one is largely DIY projects a lot of us wouldn’t think of, things like embroidery, hydro dipping and tapestry making. If you’re looking for an artist who creates videos with a high production value, of their entire creative process from coming up with the idea to testing if it’ll work before going through with the final piece, this is the channel for you. It’s taught me so much about how important it is to fully plan and figure out a project rather than just diving right in.

Wind Hippie Sailing

I follow a few sailing channels, but this one from Holly is my favourite. A lot of sailing channels use drones and fancy cameras, and though they all try to show the realities of the life style I do feel they end up glamorising it a lot. I enjoy those videos, but Holly’s videos feel a lot more ‘real’, and though her content is vastly different, the filming style reminds me a lot of the vloggers I watched while I was younger. Her videos are so incredibly interesting, as are she and her journey. It’s also so refreshing to see a woman sailing alone, as most sail as part of a family or with others, which is fab, but its nice to find something a bit different every now and again!

Yo Samdy Sam

Sam is the most recent youtuber I’ve started watching, because her content is focused around autistic women. Its really comforting and reassuring for me to be able to watch a woman talk about being autistic, and the things that come with it, while living life and being super cool. Theres so much stigma, misinformation and general confusion around autism and I find her videos so useful to both connect to a community of autistic woman and to learn more about myself. If everyone watched Sam’s videos, I think the world would be a much easier place for autistic woman, and I think the content she makes is interesting to watch for her personality as well as the educational aspect.

So there you go! I tried to stick to smaller youtubers people may not have heard of so much, but like I said at the start, I’m finding them more and more difficult to discover myself. Please let me know some of your favourites in the comments!





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