A Small Comic Con Haul!

I went to comic con with a small budget and a huge amount of buying anxiety. I get super anxious about buying the wrong thing, or not liking what I buy and so on and so forth, and unfortunately that means I ended up with some regrets of things I didn’t buy. Luckily though, it also means I really love the few things I did buy!

I’ve wanted one of these bad boys for ages. What kind of Doctor Who nerd doesn’t need a sonic spork? I set out with the goal to buy from smaller independent businesses, but I just couldn’t resist this! I haven’t used it yet but I can assure you I will, I’m not the type to have cool stuff just say around in boxes!

This hair bow from Helen’s Handcrafted Gifts is an aesthetic masterpiece I didn’t even know existed. I think it was £2.50, which is a total bargain, and it was the only thing I saw that I just bought immediately. I feel like it has some 80’s vibes, while also being Doctor Who, and also being girly with having the pink and being a hair bow. I really want more girly nerdy things, and this was the thing that made me realise that.

Finally, I got Rich this Punisher print, and myself this super cool X-Files sticker from NVE Illustrations. She was selling so many gorgeous prints of so many different fandoms, it was hard choosing just these two, but I always like to pick something fun up for Rich when I go to things like this without him, and I just couldn’t attend a whole three days of comic con without buying at least one X-Files related thing!

So they’re the couple of things I bought, there’s many more I wish I had bought, but I picked up plenty of leaflets and business cards so hopefully I’ll eventually find all the bits I keep thinking about!



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