What to Watch on Netflix!

With spending more time at home lately in an attempt to not, you know, catch anything, it’s fair to say I’ve been watching a bit more Netflix than usual. I’ve watched some real bangers lately and thought I’d share them for anyone else that’s sick of just scrolling through the home page.

The Ritual

I went into this wanting a terrible, cheesy horror movie, and instead I got a genuinely scary, thought provoking, and well made horror movie. The basic plot is four guys go out on a hike, take a short cut through the woods and shit proceeds to hit the fan. There’s little more I can say without giving anything away, but everything about it is brilliant.

Being Human

If you need a show to binge watch, Being Human is the one. I’ve watched the first three seasons more times than I can count, but I’ve only recently delved in past that, and I wish I’d done it sooner. The show is about Annie, Mitchell, and George, a ghost, vampire, and werewolf individually, sharing a house and trying to live the most ordinary, human lives possible. It just never works out all that ordinary or human for them. The show goes through a lot of changes over time, but the one thing that never changes is how emotionally attached I am to every character and how cohesive the overall plot is.

Studio Ghibli

A bunch of these movies have recently been added, and I’ve been loving making my way through them. My Neighbour Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Howl’s Moving Castle are my favourites, but I’m yet to be disappointed by any.

13 Sins

Another movie I went into hoping for cheese, and instead received a gut punchingly brilliant film. A down on his luck guy in need of cash is mysteriously involved in a game show, he wins money upon completing tasks given to him in phone calls, and text messages from an unknown, all-seeing power. The very first task is to kill a fly, the second to eat it. The twists and turns you’re taken on from there need to be watched, not spoiled, so if you want a tense thriller that’ll make you laugh, and cry, give this one a watch.

The Animal People

A bit different from everything else on this list, The Animal People is a documentary about SHAC, an activist group that fought against an animal testing centre. It’s a heavy, impactful watch, not enjoyable but perhaps necessary in the pursuit of remaining educated about the situations innocent animals are currently being forced into.

You Were Never Really Here

It’s no surprise from my last suggestion that I’m a big Joaquin Phoenix fan, and his performance in You Were Never Really Here is truly phenomenal. Another tense, gripping film, because apparently that’s my favourite form of escapism. It’s a difficult plot to explain, but it’s a fantastic film, definitely worth a watch if you don’t have anything else to do.


3 thoughts on “What to Watch on Netflix!

  1. Thank you. Just finished The Good Place which really had an effect on me, but you have to watch the whole thing x


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