I’m Self Isolating!

As of today, March 19th, I’m going to be self isolating. I wanted to share a post talking about this because I feel like in the UK, the majority of people aren’t taking this as seriously as they should be. It’s all very well making sure you have toilet paper, but you don’t need those 200 rolls when you’re swanning about outside anyway.

For me, I have asthma, my mum and nan are both very high risk, and my boss has several people in his life that are also high risk. Staying in my house, and doing my own thing, doesn’t give any of these people a 0% chance of corona, but it gives a 0% chance that I’m the person that gave it to them.

So maybe you think I’m over dramatic or just being silly, and thats fine, but the fact of the matter I’d rather over react, and have everyone in my life be okay, rather than not take precautions, and have someone I love get sick.

Rich will likely be working at home from Friday, and I am kind of excited. I’m obviously not a fan of the reason behind it, but it does mean I know he’s safe, and I’ll get to have lunch with him!

I’ve tried to sort a few things to do while I’m home so much. I’ve bought more paint since I was starting to run out, I’ve borrowed my mums sewing machine in the hopes of altering and up cycling some clothing, and I think I’m going to restart YouTube for a bit and see how I enjoy it.

So, fellow reader, what country are you in, and are you self isolating? Let me know how you’re doing down in the comments!



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