A Beginners Review of the Brother LS14s Sewing Machine

I’ve never been able to use a sewing machine, ever. My mum has sat with me, attempting to teach me how to use her vintage sewing machines for hours, and I’ve still never securely sewn anything. Until now.

This machine is so easy to use. Straight out of the box, all I did was watch one YouTube video of how to set it up and get going, and then I did it! It’s pretty self explanatory, there are instructions on the actual machine in regards to how to thread it, then you just have to use the diagrams on the dial to set it to the stitch you need.

It’s a sturdy machine, but not too heavy. It comes with a few bobbins, extra needles, and some other bits I haven’t yet figured out, along with an extensive instruction manual that entirely overwhelmed me, and a DVD I didn’t use, but I assume it shows you the same content as the YouTube video I found.

I’ve only used it a for one project so far, I did only get it yesterday after all, but I’m amazed by how easy and straight forward it is to use. Considering it was the cheapest machine Argo sell, thought £80 is definitely not cheap, it has way more settings and options than I expected, though not so many that it’s confusing.

All in all, I think I’ve chosen the perfect sewing machine for a total beginner like myself. I’m sure for some more accomplished sewers, like my mum, this would probably be quite limiting, but for me and my limited knowledge, this is exactly what I was looking for. I can’t wait to get started on more sewing projects thanks to this machine!



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