How I’m Entertaining Myself in Self Isolation!

Now that so many of us are stuck in our houses to avoid catching or spreading anything, I thought I’d share what I’m getting up to! I’m the type that descends into a pit of anxiety and dread if I don’t keep things positive, and busy, so here’s what I’ve been doing!


Painting a big canvas like the one above takes me the best part of two days, so that’s a brilliant two days of not being bored or anxious! So many people have told me over the year that they don’t paint because they’re not good at it, and that’s not a good reason! Whatever your opinion is of my paintings, I don’t think they’re very good, I exclusively paint because I enjoy it and I like having art around the house. If I win the lottery and can buy other people’s art to hang up, I’ll probably stop painting, but for now it’s keeping me sane.


Now that I’m not going to work, and the gym is closed, I’ve been finding fun workout videos on YouTube as well as making my own little routines. It’s a good way to burn up an hour, and it’s important to look after your body when we’re not getting outside as much! I do miss the gym, but this is good enough until I can start going again!


Rich got me a sewing machine as an early birthday present, and it’s one of my favourite presents I’ve ever gotten! I love sewing for the mixture of creativity and very rigid rules, you can make something super weird and unique, but if you haven’t sewn it properly with all the right pieces together, right seam allowance, right measurements etc. it’ll all be for nothing. I can’t wait to share some sewing projects on here, so keep an eye out for that!


It’s been a long while, but I’ve finally gotten back to making YouTube videos! These are my favourites I’ve ever made, they’re so much more me, and I don’t feel like I’m trying to be anything or anyone I’m not, this time around. I really think my issue with YouTube in the past is that i tried so hard to be the perfect idea of a YouTuber that I had in my head, when YouTube is most fun and most what I want it to be when I’m just being myself. You can check me out here if you want to find out how I sound and what I’m really like!

That’s a few bits I’ve been doing so far, I’m sure as I spend more and more time in my house, I’ll have more things to share, but for now this is pretty much what I’ve been up to! What have you been doing?



One thought on “How I’m Entertaining Myself in Self Isolation!

  1. omg you are so funny! I really felt for you with your machine, because I know that feeling. Love your music choice and commentary. Laughed so much I woke the cat. (Hello to yours.) 🙂

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