An Isolation Gratitude List

Isolation is weird, and despite it being the best and safest way to live right now, it kind of sucks. I’m trying to stay as positive as possible, even with the change/total loss of my routine, and we all know talking about what we’re grateful for helps with that! Let’s get into it!


I am SO grateful to be doing this with Rich, I have no idea how I’d manage all of this mentally without him. He’s working from home now, so I still don’t see him for most of the day, but I see him morning and night, as well as for lunch, and doing stuff that used to be normal but is now totally insane like going to Tesco is a lot better with him.

It was my birthday yesterday, and he worked so hard to make it a special day for me even with everything going on. I feel lucky to have him at the best of times, when things get hard like they are right now, there’s no one else I’d rather be dealing with it all alongside.

The cats!

They’re VERY happy that we’re home all the time now. There’s rarely a time that I don’t have at least one cat sat within touching distance, if not just straight on top of me. They help me keep a routine by screaming at me for meal times, and when it all gets a bit overwhelming, there’s nothing better than just shoving your face into a soft, purring cat belly.

We also think Bobble might be pregnant from the one time she got out after we took her in. I’m not impressed, I didn’t want kittens, hence why we’ve been keeping her in until we can take her the vets to be sorted, but I suppose at a time like this I’m not too upset at the prospect of seeing some lil tiny baby kittens grow up.

The Internet

I’m probably talking to my friends more now than I did before we were all on isolation. This blog is more of a release to me than ever, I’m back to really enjoying creating YouTube videos, and just this morning I’ve delved back onto tumblr like I’m 13 again and not bloody 23.

The internet can be a vessel for a lot of shitty things to happen, but right now it’s a really positive and happy place for me, when I’m not reading the news, and I’m so grateful that if this all had to happen at any time, it’s happened at a time when it’s easier than ever for me to keep up with my friends and family.

Movies and Music

I’ve never watched or listened to as much stuff so often as I have during all this, and it’s given me a whole new level of appreciation of the people that create things for us. I have a pretty strong opinion about the current movie industry, but if you steer away from the super mainstream stuff, there’s so many amazing movies and albums that are true passion projects made by people who are putting their full love and talent into it, and I’m so grateful they’ve done that.

This whole Corona thing has delayed a lot of things being made, so I’m especially grateful that there’s so much past media that we can easily consume while everything gets caught up, whenever that will be.


Don’t worry, this isn’t me admitting that I’ve been dressing up and looking fab everyday of isolation, if anything it’s the exact opposite, I’m real fucking grateful for stretchy pants and cosy cardigans. If everything around me is falling to shit, I’m at least being comfortable while it happens. Maybe not the most positive of views, but it’s working for me right now!

What are you grateful for at the minute?



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