Birthday Haul!

I don’t usually do haul posts after my birthday, but right now I think we all need a bit of positivity, and my mum went through the effort of doing a contactless, safe distance delivery of my presents, so it’d be almost rude not to!

My main present off my mum was a Pink Ladies jacket! I’ve wanted one of these since I was about 12, I’m absolutely stunned that she remembered since it’s been years since I gave up hope, but I’m thoroughly thrilled that she did. My mums always brilliant at getting me things I love, so I really shouldn’t be so surprised, but i always am.

This necklace is my new absolute favourite thing, I want to wear it forever. I love a good 90’s girl band vibe, my mum has out done herself in getting me the perfect presents this year. To top it off, she got me 4 (four!) pairs of fluffy socks too. I love how well my mum knows me, and although I’d hate for you to think I’m bragging about the things I own, I’m totally fine with you thinking I’m bragging about my mum.

Rich has also been absolutely amazing to me this year (and every year), he got me my first sewing machine! It is currently broken….but we’re going to get it replaced, and I really enjoyed using it for the few projects I got to complete. I’ve been going on about wanting to be able to alter and make my own clothes, so it’s nice knowing Rich really does listen to me!

He’s also been an absolute babe and gotten us Disney plus. For my actual birthday I got to settle back on the couch (as if I’ve been leaving it), with a load of Disney movies, and some vegan pizza. Add a few drinks to that and, considering my birthday was spent in isolation during a pandemic, I had a bloody good day.



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